Miss Kim's Dance Class


Dance from the Heart, Connect with the Lyrics

Join us to experience the magic of lyrical dance – a genre that not only hones your technical skills but also nourishes your soul. Let your body become an instrument of expression, and let your spirit dance freely in the world of lyrical beauty.

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Dance Your Story.


Lyrical Dance - Passion Through Movement

Dive into the graceful fusion of ballet and jazz in our lyrical dance classes for beginners, kids, and adults. Our experienced instructors blend technique with self-expression, helping you convey raw feelings through poetic dance.

Feel the pull of lyrical dance? Give in. Lyrical dance empowers you to connect with your authentic self. Sign up for a free trial class and immerse in artistic bliss. Discover your inner grace, and channel your authentic self. Swoop, glide, leap, and spin to melodies from the heart, not for the charts. Lyrical dance empowers you to move to your own beat.