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A Dance Studio That Cares: Nurturing Talent, Fostering Growth

At Miss Kim's Dance Class, we believe in the transformative power of dance. For over two decades, we have been one of the most creative dance studios in Missouri, dedicated to providing exceptional dance instructions to students of all ages, from 1.5 to 85. Our family-oriented studio creates a welcoming and laid-back environment where dancers can thrive. We combine current and correct dance techniques and offer contemporary dance classes with individual attention, fostering self-esteem and confidence in each dancer.

Our passionate and experienced dancing instructors guide students through various dance styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, musical theater, hip-hop, lyrical, and even aerial silks. We take pride in being more than just a dance rehearsal studio - we are a dance family, supporting and nurturing each other through the joys and challenges of the dance journey. Join us at Miss Kim's Dance Class and discover dance's joy, artistry, and lifelong benefits.


Being one of the premier dance studios in Chesterfield, Missouri, we offer a diverse range of dance courses for all ages and skill levels. From ballet and tap to jazz, musical theater, hip-hop, lyrical, and even aerial silks, our experienced and contemporary dance instructors provide top-notch training in a supportive and engaging atmosphere. Discover your passion and explore the world of dance with us.

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Miss Kim’s Dance Studio in Missouri was opened back in '94, and it's been a wild and wonderful journey since. I'm so grateful for our dance family of parents, dancers, and teachers who make this place truly special. Let's dance, learn, and have a blast together!
Kim Revie Buchheit
Kim Revie Buchheit
Owner/Instructor of Miss Kim’s Dance Class


Find Your Rhythm, Dance Your Story

Dance is a powerful form of storytelling. Let’s discover your unique rhythm and unleash your story through the transformative language of movement. Join one of the leading dance studios for kids and adults and dance your heart out!

Dance Your Stor


Get to know our exceptional team of contemporary dance instructors who bring passion, expertise, and creativity to each class. With years of experience and a commitment to nurturing talent, they are dedicated to guiding and inspiring dancers on their journey to artistic excellence. Meet our extraordinary dance-style teachers!


Explore our captivating dance blogs, where we dive into the world of dance with insightful articles, tips, and inspiration. From technique breakdowns to performance advice and dance classes schedule, our blog offers valuable resources for dancers of all levels. Immerse yourself in our dance community and expand your dance knowledge.


At Miss Kim’s Dance Class there is such a strong and loving bond between the dancers and teachers which is amazing. The teachers are fantastic and make sure that the technique is perfect. I would highly recommend dancing here!

    Emily West
    Emily West

    I am truly grateful we found Miss Kim’s. This is a genuinely loving studio where every teacher has made a profoundly positive impact on our lives. My daughter is consistently challenged to be the best dancer she can in a positive and always accepting environment. I love our dance family and I would highly recommend you bring your family to dance with us!

      Danine Preston
      Danine Preston

      My daughter has been going to Kim's Dance Class since she was 4 (now 16). We absolutely love Kim and the teachers---Kim started my daughter on her dancing road and Miss April has pushed her farther this year than I think she knew was possible. Thanks to Kim and the rest of the teachers!

        Kara Kosulandich
        Kara Kosulandich

        We have both of our daughters enrolled in and Kim’s dance class. We love the teachers, the classes and the families.

          Shauna Agnew
          Shauna Agnew