Pop, Lock, Jam - Discover Your Hip-Hop Flow

Ready to find your hip-hop vibe? Enroll today and progress at your own pace alongside inspiring, like-minded artists. We offer creative hip-hop dance classes for beginners, kids, and adults. Immerse yourself in urban dance styles while building strength and versatility.

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Dance Your Story.


Learn the Latest and Master the Classics!

Our experienced instructors break down locking, popping, breaking, house, and new style hip hop so you can fuse the fundamentals with your personal flair. Condition your body to keep up with complex routines. Progress from classroom to dance battles with confidence.

Ready to feel the hip-hop flow? Unleash your inner rebel in our non-judgmental community. Sign up today to learn the classics while cultivating your own flair. Express yourself fully through drum-driven beats. Discover confidence and passion. Let hip-hop dance ignite your inner performer.