No Boundaries, No Limits - Dance That Pushes the Edge!

Contemporary dance breaks all the rules. Forget rigid steps - just move freely. Dance what you feel inside. Be bold, be you. Leap, spin, crawl...do your own thing. Our teachers create a safe space for you to express yourself through dance.

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Dance Your Story.


Join Our Contemporary Dance Studio for Hypnotic Rhythms

Enroll in Miss Kim’s Institute of contemporary dance to dance joyfully with other creative souls. Learn cool styles like hip-hop, jazz, and ballet. Blend them together into fresh moves. Try daring tricks or dance close with your partners. Bend and stretch your body in new ways. Dance on the floor and up in the air. Feel the rhythm, then break away from it. Anything goes!

Want to find your free spirit? Whether you are a kid or an adult, our contemporary dance classes let you move to your own flow. Sign up today! Express yourself to the max. Explore new styles, skills, and talents in a safe space. Dance joyfully with other creative souls. Time to get inspired and move those feet!