Acro:  Skills in Balance, Agility and Flexibility. A mix of acrobatic stunts & choreography.

Ballet (B):  Class instructing the correct technique and history of Ballet.

Cheer/Pom:  A source of spirit through sharp and energetic movement - we include Jazz technique.

Chic:  Bring your diva attitude!!!

New Classes this year: Creative Movement!

Hip Hop:  Ours is intricate and age appropriate.

Jazz (J):  Technical training to more contemporary music.

Lyrical:  Light Ballet, Modern and Jazz techniques used to portray lyrics and emotion.

Modern:  Contemporary dance using breath and efficiency with wicked energy: Changes, Level Changes, Lifts, Slides, Rolls, Jumps and Leaps.

Tap (T):  Standard and Buck/Rhythm techniques combined.

Tumble:  Basic skills: Crabwalks through cartwheels to back walkovers.

Tricks/Flexibility:  Trickier steps than classical Jazz. Incorporating more flexible and more difficult moves and poses

Turns, Leaps & Jumps:  Pirouettes, Fouettes, Axles, Toe Touches, Grand Jetes, Switch Leaps, and all that fun stuff you need for Poms.

Workout:  Exercises done with correct body technique to tone, strengthen and increase flexibility.

Level Age and Description Level Age and Description Level Age and Description
1 Beginner 3 3-4 Years Experience 5 7-9 Years Experience
2 1-2 Years Experience 4 5-6 Years Experience 6 10 + Years Experience
* Ages & Levels are guidelines, not boundaries.  We hope to place you according to this system, but if you feel you need to change classes, please call Kim.

Required Attire!!!
Jazz, and Hip Hop classes:
Black Jazz shoes and dance or athletic attire
Ballet classes:
Split-sole Pink Ballet shoes, dance or athletic attire, tights required
Tap classes:
Black tap shoes, dance or athletic attire, tights required