Miss Kim's


Kim Revie Buchheit

Miss Kim

Owner/instructor of Dance Class since 1994! BA in dance from Webster Univ. 1991. Technical, fun, sweet, and kind of loud teacher.  Her students have gone on to careers in dance and dance instruction.

Miss Megan

Megan Imming

Miss Megan joined Dance Class in 2017.  Fabulous, sweet but controlled instructor of Ballet- Jazz- Contemporary- Competition and recreational dance.


Devin Revie

Devin started teaching for me/Dance Class after coming to the studio since she was two weeks old!  Devin is my daughter.  Her strengths are class control- the LOVE of moving- and seeing dance from her heart and mind.  She is teaching acro- jazz- contemporary- and competition.


Danine Preston

Miss Danine teaches Musical Theater.  Her bachelor from Principia College in MT makes her a great addition to the Dance Class family in 2017.  (Her daughter came to the family first- but WE are thrilled to have her teaching now!!)

MIss Chellie

Chellie Hughes

Miss Chellie has been with Dance Class since 2019.  HIP HOP like no other woman, I’ve seen!  Chellie is also profound in all dance genres- a degree from Lindenwood University in Dance. Loves HUGS!!


Noelle Gratzer

My dance journey began when I was six years old. I’ve trained at multiple studios but found my true place here on the MKDC competition team. I am passionate about all genres of dance and soaking in every experience I can get. I love my job teaching younger aged children tumbling and jazz techniques. I am heading off to college next year to continue my dance education at Southeast Missouri State University. I am excited to expand my knowledge and continue teaching here during the summer.

Juliette Hilbert

Lindsay Ludwinski